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Sunday, 04 May 2008 07:21
Emilia Switala

CREATIO ADVERTISING is a copywriting agency responsible for creative work, such as developing advertising concepts and their copy. The agency creates advertising copy for the purpose of traditional (ATL)
and unconventional media (BTL).

The founder and owner of the copywriting agency is Emilia Switala, an American Literary History and American Cultural History graduate of the LMU Munich University. Her vast copywriting skills and advertising knowledge developed during numerous internships abroad at advertising agencies, theater, television station in Germany and Costa Rica, among others: Young & Rubicam.

She worked for: Burger King, Mitsubishi Motors, Banco Nacional de Costa Rica, Analgésico Pronol de Lab. Stein C.R., Salsa Lizano (Unilever), Colgate, Holcim, Scotiabank C.R., Fuji Films, Nestlé, Sony Corporation, Durex, Nordea, Prima Charter, Ursus, Dulux(ICI), GlaxoSmithKline, Union Chocolate, Bruno Nebelung, Bozena Krenn, Urzad Marszalkowski Wojewodztwa Opolskiego, Lewel, Lider, Decorella, Europe Enterprise Network, Hotel-Restauracja Faleza, Energy-Fit, Polskie Domy, E-Direct, AukcjeOfert.pl, Abra, Waterjet, Kludi Armaturen, Pierre Cardin, Pfleiderer, Izba Gospodarca Slask, Euromatic, Jeta, Braas/RuppCeramika (Monier), Hotel-Restauracja Nord.

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