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"At any kind of work Emilia gave her 100% involving her incredible talent and great energy, and she was a great help for us"
Asesores Young & Rubicam. Creative director: Eduardo Velasco. San José/ Costa Rica

"At our advertising agency Asesores Young & Rubicam Emilia Switala proved to be highly talented, intelligent and creative. I assure you that if Emilia decides to work on a project she will always manage it to be the most efficient and successful. Emilia is a very enthusiastic and positive- thinking worker. It was an honor to meet her and work with her"
Asesores Young & Rubicam. Creative team:  Alonso González Su?ol. San José/ Costa Rica

"Her full-of -energy cooperation was a great help for director?s team. I certainly do recommend her as a co-worker"
Director: Lorenzo Fioroni

"She was very competent in what she was doing. I do not hesitate in providing her with the very best of recommendations"

Städtische Bühnen Münster. Artistic director music department:  Peter B. Wyrsch. Münster

"Emilia Switala was a responsible and very competent worker. She could work under extreme time pressures to produce quality material. She possesses the ability to meet short deadlines. She displays the abilities to listen and communicate with co-workers or the public. She is very professional and hardworking. She is a talented, valuable and effective person. She was admired and respected by her supervisors and her colleagues . I strongly recommend her"
Städtische Bühnen Münster. Dramatist:  Dr. Matthias Heilmann. Münster

"I found her to be responsible and reliable in every single field of work done by her (script, rehearsal setting, scene decoration). She has proven her being creative by leading conversations with director?s team. Due to her attitude and intuition she was able to help singers in difficult time of rehearsals"
Städtische Bühnen Münster. Director?s team: Lutz Schwarz. Münster

"Emilia Switala displayed great engagement whilst developing concepts. She cooperated creatively and with a great interest?
TV Münster Offener Kanal, : Chief manager:  Dr. Joachim Musholt. Münster

"Emilia Switala performed her work carefully and precisely. She possesses the ability to maintain good relations and was eager to cooperate"
Serviceplan Gruppe für innovative Kommunikation GmbH & Co. KG, Prowadzenie Art-Buying/ FFF: Katja Tschan-Matschl, Referent ds. HR: Katrin Petersdorf. Munich

"Emilia Switala demonstrated her endurance and skillfulness.  She was reliable and polite"
Fülbier und Deickert Gesellschaft für Marketing Kommunikation mbH, Chief manager: Ulrich Deickert. Münster

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